Customer projects

Stone construction
The Beamish farm
The Schroeder house
The Ringuette garage
The Steege house
The McLaughlin house
The Els house
The Greene house
The Wilson house
The Hay house
The Craig house
The Cotie farm
The Dube house
The Van Gelder house
The Delong house
The Bardis house

Wood construction
The Robertson house
The Williamson house

The Steege House
The shoemakers kids

Erosion control
The Meadows house
The Kropf house
The Tomkinson house

Water Features
The Lipton house
The shoemakers kids

Canada-wide projects

Simon Tunley.


Shade gardensLimestone patios give a natural lookGarden designs in interlocking stone
Installations in stoneGarden designs in natural stoneWood deck plans and construction
Mixed paving and cobble for European styleLandscaping for resaleFull sun floral profusions

Custom gardens in and around Whitewater Region

Stunley Gardens brings economical, design-driven landscapes to the residential homeowner.

Our garden design skills, our knowledge of materials and our love of the Canadian landscape is reflected in every aspect of our work from planting to deck and patio installations

Whether for pleasure or resale value, please think of us when contemplating all your landscaping requirements